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At AYAT Luxury Selection,
we are experts at marketing the world’s most luxurious properties to the most discerning clientele.

We represent the most magnificent villas around the globe
with an integrated approach to cultivating intelligent, creative and thoughtful marketing.

Partnering with AYAT Luxury Selection

At AYAT Luxury Selection we aim to offer each of our guests the finest properties as well as the best services. Integrity is an essential value for us, since it reflects the way we serve our clients.

We differentiate ourselves from other listing websites, since we proceed to a rigorous selection of our
clients and partners according to precise and strict criteria.

The excellence of our services and the satisfaction of our clients are guaranteed thanks to our deep commitment to integrity and high quality.

Benefits from partnering with us

Market Intelligence Integration

We aim to serve our homeowners and professionals while deploying a great level of professionalism and a deep expertise. Our holiday properties owners will benefit from a high rate of reservations and the fidelity of an international clientele thanks to our deep expertise and experience. We deploy insight and innovation to implement strategic personalised programs that deliver measurable results for our clients. Thanks to our market intelligence integration, our efficient multi-channel marketing efforts and the emphasis on each of our partners’ specificities, we maximise the exposure of our partners’ properties, while conducting precise execution. At AYAT Luxury Selection, we save time and effort for each of our homeowners by advising, recommending and delivering effective solutions.

International exposure

AYAT Luxury Selection guarantees an international exposure in order to attain a global luxury clientele, seeking properties of very high quality as well as additional premium services. Our teams of experts constantly studies market trends and the way to tackle them, while always acting in the best interest of our clients and partners. Our homeowners hence benefit from a greater exposure at an international level, and will be well recognized by a prestigious clientele.

Handling of the entire reservation process

We manage every step of the reservation process for our partners – elaborating your webpage on our site, finding the right guests through our online marketing, handling reservations as well as legal and administrative process and secure payments on your behalf, and managing the daily communication and questions from our guests before, during and after their stay. We will constantly promote your high-end luxury holiday home through our highly efficient marketing intelligence integration effort.

Our selection criteria

When evaluation a potential property to be part of our exclusive selection, AYAT Luxury Selection adheres to a rigorous set of standards.

Our partners must fit to the following set of standards :
• A holiday property reflecting quality, charm, style and design ;
• A perfect representation of what we aim to offer to our guest : an exceptional experience of luxury, exclusivity and rarity ;
• The luxury property must be located in a magnificent destination.

In order to ensure that each of our partners receives the right exposure, we tend to limit the number of properties selected.

If your holiday property is a good fit and corresponds to our criteria, please provide us with additional details so that we will be able to evaluate your luxury property.

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