Thailand and the nations that border it represent one of the most beautiful regions on the planet. With its irresistible association of magnificent natural beauty, wonderful cuisine, inspiring temples and mesmerizing heritage of ancient kingdoms, Thailand is the world’s most attractive holiday destination.

You may admire the world’s most desirable islands and beaches that charm any visitor.

The exceptional splendour, warm breezes, sensational cuisine and sensuality are one of it s most popular tourist charms. It is also the land of smiles where you may enjoy blissful serenity interwoven with Thai Buddhist history. It’s an easy place to visit with its soft charm so consistently switched on.

Whether you visit Thailand or choose one of its enticing neighbours you will be treated to incomparable cultures, fabulous beauty, history and a universe of exotic and romantic rewards. Thailand is known for being the country of smile as well as for its history, its richly textured culture and its blissful serenity intermingled with Thai Buddhist heritage.

While traveling in Thailand you will be able to enjoy some amazing and idle luxury on show on some lovely coastal beaches and islands.

Phuket is one of the southern provinces of Thailand, situated along the west coast in the Andaman Sea and has earned the nickname of “Pearl of the Andaman”. Phuket has gained its star quality to white sandy beaches, lush tropical rainforests and a hilly interior. The silky beaches on the western coast are especially sought-after. Plots with sea views are the most popular - and the rarest. 

Phuket is also a popular holiday destination for the luxury and easy going sport lifestyle it offers. The island is considered as a top destination for scuba diving thanks to its crystalline waters and dazzling underwater world in the Andaman Sea. You will be able to enjoy activities such as scuba diving or surfing in the west coast of Phuket. The southern province of Phuket is still popular with travellers attracted by its white-sand beaches, emerald bays and small islands. The green-mantled sugar-loaf rocks that rise from the sea in Phang Nga Bay are the stuff of legends and the region is renowned for the quality of its scuba diving and coral reefs. Phuket’s superstar island is The Phi Phi island. The island is a famed must-see that has been seen in several movies; it rises from the sea like a fortress when approached by boat.

Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket is Koh Samui and is truly paradise for those who venture there. Each year, international visitors come to enjoy the exceptional environment, jet setter parties until the sun rises and the absolutely striking underwater world. Some come to see the inspiring temples or the waterfalls of Koh Samui, taste authentic Thai cuisine, or appreciate Samui Regatta sailing tournament and the Ten Stars Samui Art Party.

The island of Koh Samui was originally adored only by adventurous backpackers until a few decades ago. In the intervening years the contained development includes some of the most splendid and romance-inducing resorts in the world. This perfect mélange of clear waters, jungle-covered hills and ultra-white sandy beaches remains so remarkable that it now attracts the international Jet Set.

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