The vibrant and elegant culture of Spain, as well as its high numbers of historic sites, makes it one of the most attractive European countries. Spain is admired worldwide for its unique natural landmarks, its white sandy beaches, pristine forests, its untouched wildlife and ecosystem.

The particular charm of the country also stems from its exotic culture in every aspect, whether by its delicious cuisine, its historic monuments, archeology or its fashion.

Discover Spain’s charm through its magnificent islands, exotic culture, exquisite cuisine, vibrant history and passionate people. The Balearic Islands will particularly amaze you with its exceptional beaches surrounding breathtaking natural beauty.

Situated in Southern Europe within the Iberian Peninsula at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and Europe, Spain is an impressive, diverse country that benefited from a rich and lengthy history since the establishment of its kingdom numerous centuries ago. It has evolved into an outstanding cultural destination where all forms or artistic expression abound from literature and painting, music and dance to culinary arts. While traveling to Spain, you will enjoy the Spanish cuisine, which consists of a great variety of dishes which stem from differences in geography, culture and climate. Seafood is found on most menus due to the availability from the waters that surround the country, and reflects the country's deep Mediterranean roots.  Its unique dishes stems from its numerous cultural influences with thousands of recipes, ingredients and flavours.

Spain’s tourist attractions range from the long white sandy beaches, the historic monuments, the archeological findings and displays, the local artistic pieces as well as the internationally-recognized  one, to the natural unique landmarks of the country.

The Spanish people reflect a culture of appreciation for all good things in life. They are civilized and well mannered and not only have a reputation for being the most generous of hosts but spark whole cities to life when it comes to having a good time. Festivals rumble through towns and villages year round all over the country where the locals invite visitors to join them, as they flood onto the streets to celebrate life with the most spectacular array of events running on through night and day.

If you crave for long beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters surrounding breathtaking natural beauty, the Balearic islands are the ideal destinations. While staying on the Balearic Islands, you will be able to discover the world heritage site of Dalt Vila, enjoy amazing sailing tours around the Islands, boat and mountain bike tour, diving lessons, para-sailing experience or speedboat cruise.

One of the four largest Balearic Islands, Ibiza is the perfect place if you are looking for perfect beach holidays. It is a beautiful island where the people are warm and friendly, with incredible picturesque coastal villages and stunning scenery, as well as impressive views of the ocean. Ibiza is  also famous for its vibrant nightlife  and  sprawling villas, which make it the perfect place to jetset for those who like to live life in the fast lane, movie star style. Although the party scene of Ibiza may be well-known, there’s a quieter side to the island that makes it the perfect place to totally relax. Aside from being a party island, Ibiza is in fact also a perfect destination to enjoy holidays with the family, or to enjoy a romantic getaway with your partner thanks to its numerous lovely shops, restaurants, historical buildings and culture.

All in all, Spain is one of the most alluring destinations for all discerning visitor - prepare to be surprised.

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