Saint Barthelemy

The island of Saint Barth is a top luxury destination situated in the French West Indies.

The island is the world’s most private and exclusive resort, in that it boasts an exceptional alliance of glamour, preserved nature, gorgeous pristine beaches, high-end accommodation and seaside heaven.

Tranquility, charm, bliss, luxury and perfection are the perfect adjectives to describe this sanctuary.

The yachts continue to come all year long in Saint Barthelemy in this paradisiac sanctuary. Visitors enjoy the glitz and glamour ambience while relaxing in the exceptional pristine sand beaches or dining toesin-the-sand under the stars.

Given its attractiveness, the world’s celebrities come to party, dine in its world-class restaurants, shop in luxury boutiques or to enjoy luxurious spas. Others come to the sanctuary seeking intimacy and relaxation on its pristine beaches to enjoy toes-in-the-sand lunches and world-class dinners under the stars. If you are a French culture and cuisine lover, the island of Saint-Barthélémy is the perfect sanctuary.

This volcanic island surrounded by shallow reefs boasts mesmerizing beaches, gorgeous turquoise waters and preserved wild life. With its strong maritime history, Saint Barth celebrates sailing races that provide festivities for residents and visitors alike. The island is known for its gorgeous pristine « white-sugar » sand beaches having each a distinct personality. You may find romantic and secluded ambience filled with families indulging in water sports and beautiful people in the toes-in-the-sand beach bars.

St. Barth has healthy and well-balanced reefs which makes it ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. The best diving is considered to be around Pain de Sucre, an islet just off Gustavia harbor. Numerous possibilities are also offered for boating, sailing and yachting, including snorkeling excursion, kiteboarding, wind surfing in Saint Jean Beach, paddleboard and sunset cruises.

This paradisiac sanctuary gets an extra measure of glitz and glamour during the holidays’ season with its magic twinkling lights in the evening. Saint Barth is also a paradise for shoppers. It has been named the « World’s 10 Best Shopping Destinations » with all the trendiest beachwear as well as many luxury shops, jewelry and designers.

St. Barth is truly a paradise for gourmets and foodies alike. With its restaurants ranging from gastronomique dining rooms, to sidewalk cafés and feet-in-the-sand beachside grilles. Some venues may be quite expensive, but boast great ambience and amazing views. One of our concierge team will make sure to organise your holidays dreamy and delicious in this magnificent island according to your tastes and desires.

Despite the glamorous reputation, the island has remained a seaside sanctuary where everyone melds nicely: honeymooners, families with children, locals, moguls as well as the movie stars.

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