The natural beauty of the Maldives attracts tourists all over the world and every year. As the globe’s ultimate luxury destination, the Maldives has become a synonym for paradise whether it is for honeymooners, sun worshipers, scuba divers or celebrities.On a picturesque lagoon, the Maldivian islands offer an array of diverse splendor; from miles of powder-soft white sands, plush exotic gardens and sapphire blue waters.

This magnificent part of the world is the ultimate Indian Ocean retreat, famed for its rare underwater beauty and has some of the best dive sites in the world. Experience a luxury holiday in the Maldives with AYAT Luxury Selection, offering you dazzling beaches, fabulous sunshine and the warmest of welcomes. A place where you will find your very own patch of paradise!

The truly breath-taking beaches present a medley of colors and earthly pleasures. The Maldives are known for their natural beauty displaying sapphire blue ocean, strikingly beautiful coral atolls, crystal clear lagoons, the most spectacular underwater life in the planet.

The Maldives are a sovereign archipelagic nation positioned on the equator in the Indian Ocean. With 1,192 coral islands grouped into coral atolls, this South Asian Island nation has no counterpart in the entire world in terms of its distinctive topography and geography. The 26 natural atolls that embrace the Maldives display more than a thousand of coral islands, infinite sandbanks and reefs that stretch across the equator.

The strikingly beautiful islands of the Maldives are sanctified with some of the most spectacular beaches in the planet, encircled by a lagoon blessed with crystal clear blue lagoons, exceptional underwater wildlife, and unrivalled luxury resorts taking up their own private islands. Spread over 820 km of the Indian Ocean from north to south and 120 km east to west, the Maldives are the visible coral tips of an oceanic volcanic mountain range whose outer edge at some points plunge to depths of over 3 km. These islands are sheltered by a reef configuration, housing one of the  most impressive and exclusive underwater life.

Also viewed as the world’s most desired destination for honeymooners and incurable romantics, the Maldives are highly attractive due to their crystal-blue lagoons and fabulous coral islands that make it a perfect destination. At the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives offers a profusion of possibilities to enjoy a heaven-like holiday and fly to a dream house between mythic beaches and turquoise sea. Truly the most blissful of destinations in the planet, the Maldives may well be the last real paradise on Earth. Each Maldivian island is unique, yet they are all idyllic, and offer some of the finest luxury resorts. An exotic heaven of dazzling seashores and swaying palms, it also has the ultimate in eco-friendly spa luxury. Once you have arrived, the principal emphasis is put on total pleasure and infinite relaxation – and the Maldives is the perfect venue for some serious spa indulgence. They range in sophistication from splendid Balinese massage centers, to world-class holistic sanctuaries.


The Maldives were formerly a Sultanate under Dutch and British protection; the nation is yet now a republic. Although the ancient history of the enthralling Maldives is enshrouded in mystery, it is believed that the island nation was inhabited over 2500 years ago. The first settlers of the country were natives of the South Asian subcontinent. Similarities in language and culture attest to settlers from neighbouring India and Sri Lanka populating the Maldives. Although the Maldives was situated in a geographically remote space, islanders were interacting with some of the greatest human civilisations of the time. Roman historical records of 362 AD mention of a Maldivian delegation visiting Emperor Julian bearing gifts. The Maldives were ruled by successive kings and queens belonging to different dynasties. However, on 1932 the first constitution of the nation was adopted paving way for a republic. Gaining independence from Great Britain on 26th July 1965, a new constitution was adopted and the Maldives embarked on a rapid modernisation process. During this period the country expanded its touristic activities and opened its first resort in 1972. Since then the tourism sector has been flourishing. Today the Maldivian tourism sector is perceived as one of the best in the entire world and the nation earned a respectable reputation in the international arena. At present the Maldives leads the way in advocating for the protection of small countries and preserving the environment.

The Maldivians’ customs have been greatly influenced by the Indians, Arabs, Sri Lankans, and North Africans who visited the islands while traversing through the central Indian Ocean’s trading routes. Due to the inter-relation with numerous other cultural elements, this nation’s culture is rich and vibrant. Unity and harmony prevail in the alluring islands due to the fact that Maldivians share a similar cultural heritage, ancestry, history, language, homeland and religion. Whenever guests visit a local island, the islanders will traditionally welcome them by serving a fresh coconut drink. This tradition has sustained to this day so do not be surprised if you are offered a beautifully adorned coconut drink when you reach your destination!

Ornamented with one of the most extraordinary and diverse flora and fauna found in the entire world, the mesmerizing marine flora and fauna originating in the Maldives is incomparable. Boasting one of the most disparate underwater sceneries on earth, its gardens of coral reefs resemble a work of art that has mesmerised scuba divers from around the world. Maldivian sea and reefs are home to several ecosystems, inhabited by over 2000 species of colourful fishes, 21 species of dolphins and whales and 187 species of corals. As for its flora, the skylines of most of the Islands are highlighted by the coconut palm tree, which is also the national tree. The islands’ shorelines are covered by variety of sedge, shrubs and trees. The tallest tree found in the Maldives is the banyan tree. Birds are limited in the Maldives, due to the tropical nature of the country. However, a rich collection of marine birds calls Maldives home. Over 160 species of birds have been recorded in the Maldives.

Luxury Holidays

Holiday accommodations in the Maldives are renowned for their exclusivity and sheer luxury fused with traditional Maldivian distinctiveness. These luxury houses set in the beautiful tropical surroundings are purely designed to promote a hedonistic lifestyle. By taking a luxury holiday in the Maldives you will enjoy the finer things in life. The venue and design of Beach Houses and Water Villas enable guests to admire the infinite horizon of the endless blue sea and white sandy beaches. The lavish accommodations are aimed to offer unlimited comfort and convenience. Visitors are treated like kings and queens. Attentive staff will indulge and attend every fancies of luxury guests. There is no limit to availability of eminent cuisine and authentic taste from around the globe. Indulge in the tantalising cuisine prepared by international chefs. Or relish the unique collection of premium wines. You have not experienced a pure tropical luxury holiday until you invest in a luxury holiday in the spectacular islands of the Maldives. Just enjoy the VIP treatment, world-class accommodation possibilities and balancing touches offered by luxurious villas in the Maldives.


A stay at one of AYAT Luxury Selection’s luxury properties in the Maldives will enable you to relax in the heart of a luxuriant nature. The Maldivian islands are known for their natural beauty including the hypnotizing turquoise ocean and unlimited shorelines of white sand, accompanied by clean air. Due to their amazing underwater scenery, clean water and climate, the Maldives is ranked amidst the top recreational diving destinations in the entire planet and is ideal for visitors to get engaged in water sports. Boat trips, diving, excursions are all fantastic activities to enjoy with family or lover. It is the ideal destination for a honeymoon, a luxury scuba-diving a experience, or simply as a journey away from the stresses of everyday life.

If you crave for a unique holiday experience, you may discover the Maldives on a luxury yacht. Yachts provide the perfect addition to a stay in a private villa, an unforgettable interlude holiday experience. AYAT Luxury Selection organizes for each guest all-inclusive itineraries, uniquely tailored experiences, that combine a trip on board with a stay at one of our villas for the ultimate Maldivian adventure.

Aside from making the water villas rock on your honeymoon, the principal entertaining activity on the Maldives is scuba diving. The atolls are all coral reefs, situated hundreds of kilometres away from the mainland, meaning that water clarity is excellent and underwater life is plentiful. Your will discover manta rays, sharks, even a few wrecks under the islands’ waters. No trip to this heaven would be complete without an exploration of its glorious underwater world and its stunning coral reefs. Whether you are diving or snorkelling, there are thousands of species of marine life to explore in the deep, crystal clear waters. Snorkelling and scuba-diving rank amidst the finest in the world here, since the waters around the Maldives are home to a thousand different types of marine life with a great array of reef fishes, stingrays, turtles and friendly sharks, offering an exceptional spectacle. Water sports abound with windsurfing, sailing, kite boarding and water-skiing all on-hand.

The Maldives is becoming an increasingly popular surfing destination. Its turquoise waters and perfect waves make it an ideal spot for surfers looking for smooth surfing conditions. The best period for surfing in the Maldives is between March and October; the biggest waves occurring in June, July and August. This paradise is exposed to similar swells as Indonesia, except that its South-East exposure and higher altitude boast cooler surfing. The recent O’Neil Deep Blue Contests held in the Maldives has placed the nation firmly on the world’s surf map. Most of the recognized surf breaks are in Male Atoll. You will find it just as exhilarating staying above water, with all manner of water-sports, dolphin-watching, ‘dhoni’ boat fishing, sailing in splendour on a private yacht, or rowing to a deserted island for a candle-lit dinner, breakfast in front of a sunrise or cocktail with champagne.

Boasting the world’s most striking natural splendors, the Maldives guarantee the ultimate luxury holidays and unforgettable moments in magnificent coral atolls encircled by hypnotizing lagoons, enchanting exotic birds and luxuriant flora.

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