The French Riviera is the coastline of France that ranges from Monaco to Saint-Tropez.

Anchoring in the Mediterranean crystal clear water, one is easily seduced by the region’s blissful serenity, exquisite diversity, glitz and iconic status of glamour. The desires of the elite international clientele is always satisfied.

Although the Riviera is famed for its movie stars, jet-set reputation, luxurious stores and exquisite service, its classic aura, authenticity and history represent its deepest assets and international appeal. With its hilltop glitzy villages, sensual coastline and blissful islands, you will inevitably fall in love with the region’s undeniable special charm.

With 300 days of sunshine a year, the French Riviera is reputed as one of Europe's most glamorous summer holiday destinations attracting the international Jet Set drawn by the sumptuous establishments, the sensual coastline and the unique light.

As one of Europe’s most glamorous summer holiday destinations, the region is the picture-perfect stretch of sensual Mediterranean coastline, attracting travelers from around the world with its exquisite beaches, exciting nightlife and exclusive shopping. With its magical hilltop villages, coastal towns and medley of beautiful serene islands, the French Riviera is the perfect holiday destination for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

The entire French Riviera is ideal for pure relaxation and entertainment for all your senses all year round. Above all though, the French Riviera is world-renowned for its delightful dishes which have a lot in common with Provence and Italian food. Immortalized by famous French playwright and filmmaker Marcel Pagnol who highlighted the unique accent and culture of this region, the French Riviera has become one of the favorite destinations of the international Jet Set which navigates along the beautiful coastlines.

Since 1950, Saint Tropez has been able to remain the jewel of the French Riviera. This town has become a favourite holiday destination for the artists, movie stars like Brigitte Bardot and international jet-set who appreciate its delightful Provençal lifestyle and striking setting. With its magnificent sandy beaches, Saint-Tropez offers a great number of possibilities for sailing, yachting, or windsurfing along the coast in the Baie of Pampelonne. A sailing regatta is held each year in early October in the bay. Les Voiles Saint-Tropez is a regatta with a striking charm, where prestigious regattas and luxury yachts reserve the waters of this picturesque coastline. Other sport and cultural events take place every year, such as The Classic Tennis Tour and the The Saint-Tropez Polo Cup or the Music Nights. Away from the glorious sandy beaches and the yacht-filled marinas, St Tropez features some historic cobbled streets, endless cafes and gift shops.

The region of Provence is blessed with almost year-round sunshine and a divine light, making travelling to this region an enjoyment whatever the season. With their fields of lavender, olive groves, rolling hills, and pine forests, vineyards, mountains and impressive blue sea, the Riviera and the region of Provence boast a dazzling mélange : from beach to snow-covered peaks, fossils canyons, rare wildlife, hills of vibrant ochres or crystalline Mediterranean water.

Thanks to its champagne, designer labels, perfumery and the Impressionists, France has been a great influence in world culture. Hence, there are few nations on the planet able to match the great contribution and impact in terms of fashion, gastronomy, viticulture and the arts that France has had on other cultures. The colourful history of the country, from royal dynasties to revolutions and republics form a rich tapestry which is deeply rooted in French society.

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