French Polynesia

The epitome of the South Pacific, this exotic part of Polynesia has seized the imagination of travellers since the 18th century. Universally recognized as a picturesque wonder of the world, visitors from worldwide come to French Polynesia to discover its oceanic wildlife, the history of its people, their unique living style and the islands’ striking sceneries, or experience true relaxation in the enchanting soft-sand beaches under the lazily hanging palms, or at one of the numerous luxurious Polynesian spas while nurtured by the exotic ambience.

Thanks to its ideal climatic conditions, the archipelago benefits from a true Garden of Eden, a scenic marvel of the world that attracts worldwide visitors, willing to enjoy the utterly romantic touch of the most perfect setting for a dream honeymoon in paradise, savor Polynesian’s exquisite dishes, explore its extraordinary aquamarine life that shelters the world’s greatest variety of dolphins and an unparalleled diversity of divine fishes spiraling through the coral gardens and shallow depths of the mesmerizing green lagoons.

Immersed in a world of majestic mountains and beautiful bright-emerald coral reefs, surrounded by deep blue sapphire lagoons and white-sand beaches, visitors to Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea always maintain enchanting memories in this world of romantic sunset seas. With its extraordinary biodiversity, the French Polynesian sea zone is considered as the “richest aquarium on Earth”, where the aquamarine lagoons of warm waters are protected by the colorful reefs encircled by giant turquoise curls.

French Polynesia is a sprawling possession of France in the Pacific Ocean, consisting of 118 coral and volcanic islands as well as atolls, spreading over 2,500,000 kilometers square of ocean Most of the islands of French Polynesia are fringed by coral reefs, crowned with jagged peaks jutting boldly into the sky, covered with lush, dark green specs of land, or appearing to barely float above the breaking waves. The nation’s greatest and principal islands include Tahiti, Bora Bora, Tetiaroa, Taha’a, Huahine, Gambier, Moorea, the Austral archipelagoes, or the Marquesas. Among these atolls and islands; Bora Bora and Moorea are outstanding, while Tahiti and Tetiaroa are just extraordinary.

Prior to European settlement, the island groups of French Polynesia were inhabited by people who migrated from South-East Asia three to four thousand years ago and that led to the settlement of the Pacific by Polynesian populations. Europeans began to arrive in the early 16th century after Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, discovered the islands of Tuamotu. However, it was the Englishman, Samuel Wallis who is memorable in the European discovery of Tahiti (1767). In the nineteenth century, Tahiti and its Islands were the scene of Franco-British rivalry that was religious, commercial and strategic at the same time. United under a French protectorate in 1889, the archipelago has become a full overseas collectivity of France in 2003. Nowadays, it enjoys a great degree of autonomy.

In this exotic part of Polynesia seen as a world-renowned iconic beauty, you will discover a scenic wonder. Explore a unique island culture with an astounding oceanic flora and fauna, swim in its immaculate, pure cerulean waters or trek through its lush rainforests. Or you may be tempted to plunge into these islands’ exceptional marine life of crystal-clear waters, that are home to more than 1,000 species of fishes, including manta rays, damselfishes, sharks, soldierfishes, cartoon-coloured fishes, sea turtles as well as the world’s greatest variety of dolphins.

Unique and exceptional, the crystal-clear waters of Tahiti and its islands shelter an unmatched variety of fishes boasting all colours, sizes and shapes moving in the coral gardens and shallow depths of the archipelago’s lagoons while enjoying the bustle of life in the sea’s inlets and reef sanctuaries. Due to its extraordinary biodiversity, the Polynesian sea zone is considered by scientists as the “richest aquarium on Eearth”. A wildlife sanctuary, the entire region has earned high honour from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

While snorkelling with rays, turtles and dolphins, as well as other various water activities are the most popular attractions, you will also enjoy exploration adventures, hiking in Bora Bora’s forested interior and continue your discovery on a Jeep safari. Or for those searching for relaxing activities, you may savor the pleasure of a sunset cruise or an inter-island sailing trip, providing you with the chance to explore the diversity of the South Pacific’s cultures and geographies.

Embrace the warmth of your Polynesian hosts whose love for their islands is seen through music, dance, and flowers. The Polynesian art of living has a unique style, displaying a certain natural “joie de vivre” (joy of living) that its people share with their guests. It is a joy expressed in dance and music played with guitars or ukulele; polychonic chants from a religious, sacred music group along with the rhythm of percussion from traditional instruments, the pahu and toare. Polynesians also express their joy through their leisure, indulging in their favourite pastimes such as fishing, surfing and traditional outrigger sailing, or through va’a, the emblematic sport of the archipelagos.

In this country that is gorged with sunshine, a huge variety of exotic treasures grow in abundance. Savor Polynesian’s fine dishes, cooked in a natural style, based on exotic treasures, fresh fishes and fruits, always very much appreciated for their aromatic qualities as well as their nutritional benefits, giving great pleasure to the body and the taste buds. Thanks to its ideal climatic conditions, French Polynesia benefits from a real Garden of Eden where exuberance and abundance go hand in hand. Prepared with a great variety of lagoon fishes or from the ocean – ranging from perch, the dolphinfish through the parrot fish-, its traditional dishes are cooked in different ways – roasted, boiled and raw. While everything is sprinkled with fresh coconut milk, lime juice and deliciously creamy, the presence of Asian cooking and European cuisine within an exotic setting have also added its own special textures and exquisite tastes.

Amidst its numerous paradisiac islands and atolls, its greatest and most beloved one are Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora and Tetiaroa – treasured island names that evoke a fabulous and seducing state of mind, attracting honeymooners, romantics as well as adventurers, looking for adventurous excitement or fantastic holidays with an absolutely romantic touch.

Tahiti: Island gems, ringed in white and floating upon crystal-clear waters

An idyllic, romantic and paradisiac world, Tahiti with its Island are real gems, enchanting all visitors with its natural beauty, miles of pristine white-sand beaches, majestic mountain peaks and giant curls of brilliant aquamarine lagoons ringed in white and floating upon the vast ocean’s bright emerald waters. Tahiti is the heart of the French Polynesia. Its striking islands are home to enticing luxurious villas, each boasting azure lagoons, impressing waterfalls, coral reefs filled with extraordinary marine environment, soft sand beaches, as well as pristine golf courses and rugged uninhabited interiors that are ideal for hikers. Always enticing all its visitors with its natural beauty, tranquility, and privacy, The Islands of Tahiti offer an array of diverse experiences combined with rich Tahitian culture.

Explore the extraordinary atoll of Tetiaroa, formerly the summer residence for Tahiti’s royalty, and later home to Marlon Brando's incredible eco-friendly private island. Idyllic, romantic and luxurious, Tetiaroa offers a sanctuary in a paradisiac world, a secluded island surrounded by miles of pristine white-sand beaches, swaying coconut palms, exotic birds and abundant marine life. Situated 30 miles north of Tahiti, the atoll of Tetiaroa has always been a place of spectacular beauty, peacefulness and rejuvenation. Enjoy immersive nature and cultural experiences at The Brando, a luxurious private-island resort Designed to reflect Polynesian lifestyle and culture, and to preserve the atoll’s biodiversity, the luxury eco-resort offers lighthearted luxury in the midst of pristine nature, combining environmental purity and Polynesian charm.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora, with its romantic mountain panorama and exquisite lagoon is perhaps the most beautiful of the South Pacific islands. Boasting one main island, a surrounding lagoon, it is completed by a ring of smaller islands named ‘motus’. Home to traditional communities as well as high-end boutiques, the principal island is the ideal place for a retail therapy, find some beautiful souvenirs, perfumes, original artwork, scented oil or an iridescent Tahitian pearl reflecting the island’s spirit.

A magical, idyllic and effortlessly enchanting paradise, Bora-Bora is one of the most stunning islands on earth, sparkling with an almost unbelievable beauty. Being surrounded by a lagoon makes Bora Bora perfect for those who wish to enjoy underwater adventures, swim in the warm bright-emerald waters of the tranquil lagoons or just relax on the white coral-sand beaches. The shallow water and rich coral gardens mean that you don’t need to go far to enjoy the vibrant underwater show, as flickering fish flit amongst the coral. Snorkel or dive with turtles, sharks, dolphins, manta rays or leopard rays in its crystal clear waters, sheltering extraordinary oceanic treasures. Relax on a picture-perfect beach beside a turquoise lagoon and leave the world behind. If you are looking for sweeping white sand, abundant snorkeling and diving in extraordinary marine sites, magical sunsets and possibly the most romantic atmosphere on earth, Bora Bora is perfect.

An idyllic island nation in paradise, the archipelago is the perfect venue for those who wish to revel a new romance, get married or celebrate a special anniversary in the most quixotic spot on earth. You will discover here how the seclusion and setting of these islands create one of the world’s most desirable honeymoon destinations.

In the enticing venue of these islands’ magnificent villas, you will find yourself overwhelmed with the intensity of a troubling vahiné’s silhouette, dancing on the lilts of Polynesian songs in an hypnotizing beach bordering a mesmerizing cerulean blue lagoon in the night sky filled with South Pacific stars. Sooner or later, every visitor to these magic islands has to concede that yes, this really is paradise.

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