Bali is a western island and province of Indonesia, known as the Island of the Gods and is one of the most popular stops in Indonesia.  It is the embodiment of enchantment, fulfilling most notions of a Southern paradise.  The island is famed for its rare beauty, its spectacular beaches, beautiful scenery, marvelous nightlife, the island’s people, culture and rhythmic dances.

This region is renowned as a haven of luxury and joyous quietude, where visitors enjoy shopping, fine cuisine and amazing flavors. Also the friendliness of the Balinese people, gourmet cuisine, blissful resorts and serene atmosphere add to its special aura.

Alongside the unique and highly spiritual culture, Bali has won the admiration of many as a real paradise on earth. With its plethora of heavenly hideaways, enchanting gardens, blissful atmosphere, extraordinary festivals and celebrations, the island is a perfect holiday destination. Bali features a varied landscape of mountains and hills, beautiful sugar white sandy beaches, rugged coastlines, volcanoes and lush rice terraces.

Bali offers above all an exceptional environment. Indonesia’s legacy of its fascinating history has an amazing cultural diversity, which pervades every aspect of Indonesian life. Its most visited and most enchanting island is Bali.

Situated between Java and Lombok, Bali boasts a plethora of heavenly hideaways, beautiful beaches, enchanting gardens with an exquisite variety of tropical plants and wildlife, amazing views, immense rice terraces and fascinating temples to explore.

In 2010 Bali received the Best Island award, thanks to its preserved traditional culture, vibrant nightlife, the friendliness of the Balinese, excellent international and local restaurants and beautiful surroundings. The island features numerous archaeological, historical and cultural attractions. One of the best known attractions in Bali are the countless Hindu temples and altars that dot the fertile landscape, rising from rice paddy fields. With its preserved natural environment, enchanting beaches, Bali offers many exciting activities to be engaged in, like world class diving, surfing, paragliding, mountain cycling, jungle trekking and hiking.

Your visit in Bali will be an enchanting discovery of numerous celebrations. Since Indonesia has a multiplicity of ethnic groups, the Balinese are committed to a vibrant and elaborate set of beliefs and an intriguing culture. Scores of sacred holidays and festivals are celebrated each year with ritual and pageantry, such as the Temple Celebrations or the Hari Raya Galunga, during which people dress in their finest clothes and jewels to celebrate the good Dharma versus the evil Adharma. Art festivals are also organized annually, such as the Bali Arts Festival, the Kuta Karnival and the Bali Spirit Festival – a spiritual event that commemorates yoga, dance and music-, the Temple Celebrations. Bali is thus a place with numerous traditional and very colorful celebrations to enjoy.

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